Why should you work with us?

Dion Seminara talking with a client.

The right blend of practicality and aesthetics

  • When your principal architect is also a registered builder, it adds something most other architects can’t offer. A focus on creating a design that is as practical as it is inspiring.
  • No matter the size or type of your project, having an architect that understands builders and can talk the same language adds a lot of efficiencies to the design process.

Our Architectural design process:

Our design process will help you validate your idea, and turn your vision into an inspiring reality helping you to avoid complications and costs throughout your build.

No matter what type of project you’re working with, make it as stress-free as possible with our architectural design process to ensure all elements are well thought-out and planned for.

Step 01: Pre-design services

Step 02: Masterplan sketch design concept

Step 03: Design development

Step 04: Approval applications

Step 05: Construction documentation

Step 06: Tender and contract admin